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We provide services that are geared to the growth of your business and organisation under any economic climate, because we don't compromise on the quality of our services always.

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Ensuring the good state of your goods and proper, prompt delivery and safety of this items is tops of our mission, whereever, whenever, however... and we understand the importance you play as our customer

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We move across boarders, continents, seas, ocean, outsketch town, city etc we have no limite to destination. we have presence all over the world, So, next time your think of safety and professional service think us

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What distinguished us from the rest? By virtue of being present in Nigeria, with an updated customs regulations and procedure and backed by experience of over 8 years, we have a complete understanding of the complexities of clearing and freight forwarders business in the country. Our long experience, state of the art technology and international network enable us to develop cost effective, convenient and efficient solutions for our clients. We offer real solutions and we deliver, what we promise. At Lee 'N' Bee Interglobal Limited, we provide our clients world class services of all nodes for our customers, while at the same time, providing a professional and friendly work atmosphere for our limited is competitive with the largest of service providers while having a very close working relationship with out customers.